Interface programming

Tools for the smooth exchange of data

Interface programming by specialists

Often data has to be transferred between production systems (PLC), ERP systems, Databases or other software are exchanged. We have extensive experience in development such interfaces and would be happy to advise you.


  • SQL-Interfaces
  • CSV-Interfaces
  • XML-Interfaces
  • Excel-Interfaces
  • SAP-Interfaces
  • Weihenstephaner-Interfaces

Why interface programming?

PLC, robots, database, washing system, filling system, labeling, video system, scanner - when all these systems communicate with each other, a lot is easier: fewer duplicate data management, fewer errors, faster and more transparent processes. It all works! And interfaces are the solution. Interfaces help to simplify processes and to keep an eye on the big picture despite all the diversity. From PLC to XML interface - we program individually, securely and in a user-oriented manner.

What is interface programming?

An interface is figuratively speaking a data channel through which different applications, such as B. programs can communicate with each other. One application makes data available (through so-called APIs), while another accesses this data via an interface. Interface programming is used wherever different software solutions are connected to one another to exchange data.

Interface programming offers the user the advantage that data and information can be conveniently linked to other systems. Data transmission is an essential function of an interface. Interface programming can be used to ensure that data is safely transferred from one system to another.


Application examples for interfaces

We program these interfaces for you


Communication with production systems on data block level. Direct writing or reading to / from data blocks and forwarding or further processing of the data. The data can be fed into other IT systems via all other interfaces or visualized on the system.


Transfer or backup of robot programs. Processing of robot programs on the PC, communication with grippers and cameras, etc.


Data exports / data imports / data conversions via direct access. Database interfaces enable the use of database contents in other IT systems and, conversely, the import of recorded or calculated data into a central database.

Interfaces via Weihenstephaner protocol

For communication with washing systems, filling systems and labeling systems in the beverage industry.

Interfaces to scanners and video systems

Connection of scanners and video systems via USB / Ethernet or RS232. Evaluation of the data and transfer to other systems. e.g. Via PLC interface directly into the PLC control to stop the production plant or in databases for tracking ...

Individual interfaces

Do you have special requirements for an interface and are you looking for a tailor-made solution? No problem! We develop individual interface solutions and advise you fairly and transparently. True to our motto: what doesn't fit, will be made to fit!

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