PL-Control ®

Controlling and monitoring of all kinds of labeling devices

PL-Control® is a software package for controlling and monitoring all kinds of labeling devices. As its functions are so large, an adaption to all current production control systems and company-specific data base systems is possible. In its basic version the intern database or an existing Excel-file can be used.

In addition to data feeding all ultimate devices can be monitored for their functional efficiency.

For subsequent analysis of the production as well as for error detection in case of malfunction every single action and every deviant status of the devices is recorded.


  • Labelling of dairy products
    • Labelling of every pot with date and line of production (14 devices)
    • Labelling of the trays with the respective labels (5 devices)
    • PL-Control® is controlled automatically through the in-house production management system
    • When changing to another product the new data are transferred to the respective devices.
    • In case of power blackout or when the devices are switched on or off for maintance works, the current data are fed on automatically.
  • Labelling of beverage cans with a winning code of different figures and letters and documentation of the printed codes on CD for the client for evaluation.
  • Adress-printing on foil-wrapped magazines before dispatch. Data are drawn from customer-specific data-bases.
  • Reading of labels on trays of beverage cans with industrial scanners and providing the data for the respective pallet-labelling in connection with transponder-system.
  • Printing of serial numbers with ink-jet with guaranty of non-repetition in case of power blackout or uncontrolled turning off of plant.

PL-Control ® - Convincing advantages

  • Safe control of labeling processes
  • Clear management of all end devices
  • Complete logging of all processes
  • Comprehensive control and rapid error detection
  • Automatic print data determination
  • Communication interfaces to all relevant networks


PL-Control® - The software in detail

Controlling and monitoring of all kinds of labeling devices


  • Clearly arranged overview of the different end-devices
  • Free description of the end-devices
  • Free alignment according to the existing production line
  • Integration of the different end-device-types (label printer, scanner, laser- and ink-jet printer , …..)

Status control

The monitoring system includes not only the interface communication but also the device status.

Production data collection

  • Check if label is affixed properly
  • Check if bar code is readable
  • Good/bad-quantity coverage
  • Possibility to enter the number of pieces (units) to produce
  • Logging of all procedures
  • Separate logging of the transfered data

Automatic data input/-transfer

  • Data import from MS Excel or .txt-files
  • Manual charging from a local database
  • Manual charging from a higher system
  • Linkage with a central database
    • Collection of the data from different tables and views
  • Matchcode searching

Communication interface

  • between higher production control center and end-devices
  • between PLC and end-devices
  • to transfer customer-specific labels
  • via Wireless Lan, RS232, TCP/IP, USB and so on

PL-Control® Advantages

  • Unicode – compatible
  • The system is expandable at any time because of the modular configuration

PL-Control® Application examples

  • Example labels
  • Example labels
  • Example labels
  • Labeling in a packaging-machine for apples
    Labeling in a packaging-machine for apples
  • Labeling in a packaging-machine for apples
    Labeling in a packaging-machine for apples
  • Integrated in a manufacturing machine
  • PLC support for data-preparation in a creamery
    PLC support for data-preparation in a creamery
  • Labeling of beverage cans
    Labeling of beverage cans

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