PL-Control® Short description

End-Device - Administration

  • Clearly arranged overview of the different end-devices 
  • Free description of the end-devices 
  • Free alignment according to the existing production line 
  • Integration of the different end-device-types (label printer, scanner, laser- and ink-jet printer, ...)



Status control

The monitoring system includes not only the interface communication but also the device status.


Production data collection

  • Check if label is affixed properly 
  • Check if bar code is readable 
  • Good/bad-quantity coverage 
  • Possibility to enter the number of pieces (units) to produce 
  • Logging of all procedures 
  • Separate logging of the transfered data


Automatic data input/-transfer

  • Data import from MS Excel or .txt-files
  • Manual charging from a local database
  • Manual charging from a higher system
  • Linkage with a central database
    • Collection of the data from different tables and views
  • Matchcode searching


Communication interface

  • between higher production control center and end-devices » between PLC and end-devices » to transfer customer-specific labels » via Wireless LAN, RS232, TCP/IP, USB and so on


PL-Control® Advantages

  • Unicode-compatible
  • The System is expandable at any time because of the modular configuration