powerful production engingeering

PUC-C|ontrol® is a professional software system to control punch presses including the material handling from a coil. PUC-C|ontrol® is a fully developed and stable software system. It enables a simple, computer-aided programming of products, produciton control and host connections.

With PUC-C|ontrol®, you can create desired die-cutting products on a graphical, easy-to-use user interface. PUC-C|ontrol® generates and downloads the machining program automatically to the punch press.

PUC-C | ontrol® automatically creates and maintains all necessary parameters and records the entire machining process.

PUC-C|ontrol® is built for punch presses with:

  • eccentric presses 
  • hydraulic presses 
  • servo presses 
  • forming machines 
  • moveable cutters

Typical apllications:

  • Eccentric punch presses with tool pusher 
  • Hydraulic punch presses with multiple tool-frames 
  • Hydraulic punch presses with cross adjusting axis, set-up axis and so on 
  • Decoiler, lining machines and punch presses 
  • Loopers, lining machines, punch presses, forming machines and moveable cutters 
  • Material loading with handling unit, punch press and de-pilling/packaging



  • Contract Manufacturing    
  • Grating Manufacturing
  • staircase production
  • lighting production
  • shelf production
  • facade manufacturing