PUC-C|ontrol® - The software in detail


Beliebig viele Produktprogramme Program administration

  • Various number of programs possible. 
  • Distribution of the product programs in multiple directory levels possible. 
  • Every program with HELP-file to support the set-up 
  • Free selectable storage location (server, client) 
  • Supports the product management


Einfache Produktprogrammerstellung Product program creation

  • Input of the die-cutting coordinates with a graphical proof of the position and the tool outline. 
  • Import of the die-cutting coordinates from text-, excel- or dxf-files possible. 
  • Including of outline press cut. 
  • Creation of master-boards with Excel-sheets to generate boards automatically after specification of the overall-length. 
  • Create the program in the office, call and start the program at the workstation at the machine.


Automatische Produktionskontrolle Production control

  • Correction of the product length by presetting the measured length and calculation of a correction value. The correction at the machine can be done with two different methods.
    1. Factor correction (every infeed value gets changed by a calculated factor)
    2. Linear correction (every punsh position gets recalculated) 
  • Acceleration- and deceleration ramps are getting calculated automatically for a gentle material machining. 
  • Correction of the number of pieces during the progress. 
  • Correction of the machine speed during the progress.


Protokollierung des gesamten Ablaufes Protocolling

  • Each job, which gets downloaded to the NC - controller, gets protocolled with date and time. 
  • If the value for the length, the speed or the number of pieces gets changed during progress, the changed value gets protocolled. 
  • continous protocolling of machine speed, machine state and machine faults. 
  • Simple manufacturing control and post calculation through permanent protocoling of all relevant data.


Werkzeugprogramm Tool wear protocoling

By detecting the punch cycles for every tool is it possible to count every punching stroke. This enables the control and the preventive post-editing oft he tools.


Fault display

All fault messages which are coming from the NC-control, can get protocolled and displayed with date, start- and end time.


With PUC-C|ontrol® from the product planning to the finished product in few steps



PUC-C|ontrol® can access all control system, for example:

  • Indramat
  • Elau 
  • Siemens SPS (S5, S7) 
  • All control systems which are programable via interface.


S7 tools for infeed control

Communication between PC >> << infeed control
Evaluation of the transferred information for further use

  • Tool control after infeed    
  • Infeed length in X (and Y if necessary)
  • Infeed speed and acceleration
  • Tool to control infeed
  • Control of the press (only for excentric presses)
  • release of the data transfer
  • Block stepping after completion of the infeed

The function blocks can be provided for S7-300 and S7-1500 controller.