PUC-C|ontrol® Product versions

PUC-C|ontrol® is available in two different basic versions and four additional extensions each for each basic version.

Basic versions

Basic Version I

PUC-C|ontrol® for eccentric punch presses
from 2 to 128 tools


Basic Version II

PUC-C|ontrol® for hydraulic punch presses
from 2 to 128 tools with 7 axis



Extension package 1:

linear correction

PUC-C|ontrol® with linear correction.
Each punch position gets recalculated after a length correction,
whereby a high accuracy can get achieved.

Extension package 2:

endless / single piece production

PUC-C|ontrol® with optimization for endless- and single piece production.
Due to the efficient control of the production, almost no trash occurs.
Special advantge at order related production.

Extension package 3:

forming machines, moveable cutter

PUC-C|ontrol® with additional program creation for
forming machines and moveable cutter.

Extension package 4:

lowest tolerance

PUC-C|ontrol® Full machine control for continous production
with lowest tolerance.
Controls additional following components:

  • looper 
  • punching machine 
  • forming machine 
  • moveable cutter 
  • unloading machine