A well-thought-out control mechanism is the basement of a well-running production. More than 20 years of experience and an ongoing development made PUC-C|ontrol® to an extrem stable and sophisticated software package. On the one hand allows the elaborated system a maximum of flexibility in the production and the well-developed process- and control logic reduces at the same time the number of possible error-sources.

With PUC-C|ontrol®, you can control your production extremly quick an efficient. You can change the products and their programs shortly within several mouse clicks. Long time for programming is not neeeded anymore, even for complex products.

The editing-screen looks always the same, no matter which control unit is used.Therefore even unexperienced user can operate all existing punch presss quickly.

PUC-C|ontrol® pros

  • Simple and intuitive handling through graphical user interface. 
  • Lower set-up times and lower rejections. 
  • Improvement of the product quality. 
  • Quicker program change. 
  • Produce even small amounts cost effecitve. 
  • More advantage in competition through flexible production. 
  • Same user-interface independent of the producer of the punch press.