Foundation of our company in Schörfling/Attersee in 1986

from 1986 an Creating of PLC for special machines, including planning, setting up of control cabinet and cabling of machines. We carry out all necessary works up to the startup of the asset at the machine manufacturer. After the start-up of the asset at the ultimate customer we do the necessary maintenance through remote maintenance.

1988 First writing of a punching software for simple programming of perforated sheets in cooperation with a German producer of punching machines and an Austrian manufacturer.

1989 Our bas office is moved to Attnang-Puchheim

1990 Development of a universal software for creating NC-programs for excentric punching machines .... PUC - C | ontrol

1992 Extension of punching software for creating programs for hydro-pneumatic plants, which is the base for the current punching software.

2000 Creation of a software for automatic labelling and packing of apples through bar code management and logging

2002 Development of a universal software for labelling of all kinds of goods with logging and Unicode-processing .... PL | Control

2005 Foundation of ISH Ltd

2006 Planning and commissioning of a soft foam conditioning and other smaller factories in USA

2008 a fire control laboratories for aircraft seats with certification in USA

2010 Planning and Commissioning of the first robot-assisted rigid foam system in USA for manufacturing the click mechanism for tiles

2012 specialization in labeling and integrated into industrial control

2012 equipment of a parcel service - distribution center in Hamburg with the PL-Control Software

2013 In addition to numerous smaller projects, some large orders for company-wide introduction of the PL-Control software are drawn in groups on land.

2014 Company handover to Jürgen Schwarzenlander

2014 apportionment of the headquarters to Attersee am Attersee